Polish-German action program signed

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Polish-German treaty on good neighbourhood policy and friendly cooperation the Polish and German government agreed on 21.06.2011 in Warsaw on an update of the joint action program - with high relevance for Via Regia Plus.

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The final conference in Wrocław

VR+ output 2.3.3
On 04./05.10.2011 the final conference of Via Regia Plus took place in the Regional Center for Business Tourism in Wrocław.

fot. S. Klimek

Main aim of the project was the elaboration of a coherent strategy for the implementation of a modern and integrated transport system between the cities and metropolitan areas located along the Pan-European Transport Corridor III. 
The conference presented the results and effects of the transnational activities realised within the project. During the first day, the following questions has been discussed:
  • How may the railway become an attractive mode of transport between the agglomerations of the corridor after the finalisation of current infrastructure investments? What is the role of the state, what is the role of the regions?
  • What is the role of the cities in the process of creation of an integrated system of rail connections?
  • Which steps have to be undertaken to reach concrete improvements on transnational connections, in particular between Lower Silesia and Małopolskie and Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony?

On the second day the results of activities reached in the field of metropolitan cooperation and institutional learning has been reflected, which were carried out by the participating cities and regions in the field of land use management and demographic change.
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Final conference, Wrocław (PL)